Adding footnotes to a post or to a page is very easy. For example, I want to include a footnote, here.1 Place your cursor where you want the footnote to appear and type an open square bracket “[” (without the quotation marks), then the number for your footnote, followed directly by a period, and the footnote text. Finish the footnote with a closed square bracket “]” (again, without the quotation marks) and you’re all set; you can continue with the rest of your post/page. While editing the text you’ll see the footnote within your text, but when you go to the page, the footnote will be in its proper place. If you look at the footnote on the bottom of this post, you are basically typing that exact information, but beginning with an open square bracket and ending with a closed square bracket.

  1. Smith, John. A Very Important Text. New York: Routledge, 2010.