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Correlation Between the Presence of Edible Plants and Birds

December 23, 2014

This project hypothesizes that bird population is more dense where edible plants are located in the New York Botanical Gardens. Jasmine Boone, Ashwini Chawla, Sabrina Kostusiak Professor Brian Ford, ITF Bronwyn Dobchuk-Land City College birds, plants, diversity, agriculture

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Vineyard Geophysics: Electrical Resistivity Imaging in Agricultural Soils

December 11, 2014

Electrical resistivity survery carried out at the Cornell Cooperative Extension in Suffolk County, NY. Sasha Whittaker, Sharon Shaji, Bethany Herrmann, Maxwell Berkow Angelo Lampousis, Aaron Kendall City College geophysics, electrical resistivity, survey, agriculture, soil, contamination, imaging, drones

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