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Native v. Invasive: A study of the competition between Red-Eared Sliders and Painted Turtles

December 23, 2014

This project asks whether the invasive red-eared slider turtles are out-competing the painted turtles native to the Bronx River, and considers factors such as pollution and plant-life abundance as explanations. Lisa Guerrera, Kassandra Mendoza, Sari Weisenberg Professor Brian Ford, ITF Bronwyn Dobchuk-Land City College turtles, competition, native species, invasive species

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Ratio of Invasive/Native Plants in The NYBG Forest Center/NYBG Forest Edge

December 18, 2014

Whether introduced purposely or accidentally, invasive plants are known for their ability to grow rapidly and aggressively and their ability to tolerate a variety of weather and soil conditions. Yet the proliferation of both native and invasive species is influenced by many factors. The fact that the New York Botanical Garden is surrounded by an […]

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