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Marble Grave Stele of a Little Girl


By just glancing at this work of art, one might miss all the underlying beauties and mysteries behind the stone.  This Greek piece of art is not only simple, but also idealized.  In other words, its depiction has been made timeless.  As we can see, the little girl is pulling a dove into herself.  Every feature within this piece is perfect including the waves within the little girl’s hair and skin. It is strange that although the little girl depicted has the body of a young girl, her face appears to be of an older girl.  The girl, however, looks extremely peaceful as if she is truly in a serene, enjoyable place. It is noticeable that the head of the dove in the girl’s left hand is missing; the head of this dove may have looked back at the little girl.

Normally a piece like this would have a decorative piece on the top of the stone and would have been painted. This piece would have served as what we use as a tombstone.  It is quite amazing that we are still affected and can relate to this piece even though it is over 2500 years old.

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