Macaulay Seminar One at Brooklyn College
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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I was a little apprehensive about seeing an opera in English, though I had already seen a few others. I wasn’t apprehensive for my own experience, but for the experience of my classmates. I wasn’t sure if I liked the idea of an English opera being my classmates’ only exposure to opera, if they hadn’t seen any others. I was pleasantly surprised, however. Despite the opera’s lack of hummable arias, it was still ¬†good. The humor was refreshing and the show was engaging. I love going to the Met because of their elaborate sets and costumes, and this production was no different. The set made you feel as if you were in a dream, constantly reminding you of the opera’s unreality. This dreamy quality gave the show dimension. I really liked the adaptation, it did the original play justice. The hijinks of the fairies were as funny as intended, and the love triangles just as bewildering. While I don’t think my grandpa would be as fond of the opera as I am, I still think this show was a good introduction to opera in general. I do hope maybe we can go to one more, though. Maybe one in Italian or French, to show the musical differences between an English opera and an Italian opera. Overall, it was a really nice night. Puck reminded me of Luke, so that was cool too.


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