Macaulay Seminar One at Brooklyn College
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I was absent on the day that the class spoke about religion and I will make a short post about my thoughts as Professor Ugoretz emailed me what happened!

For me, I do enjoy looking at religious art and not for the reasons you would expect, but for one specific reason. I can say a lot of artists have their own muse, their own beliefs, their own ideas and these thoughts are portrayed in their art. When I see any kind of religious art, it make me happy that people have faith. I am not a religious person so I can’t really relate, but this art makes me excited no matter how grueling, sad, ugly, nice, or happy it is. No matter, if you don’t believe in religion, you subconsciously put your faith in something that you didn’t even know you did. It can be your career, sister, mom, dog, etc. and it’s nice to see people admit it through religious art.

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Mohammad’s Radio

Mohammad’s Radio was different than other plays from what I was able to see. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay for the whole thing, but I stayed for most of it! I was hoping that the end would come sooner because I really wanted to see how they would show the unseen rape scene and the suffocating of the father. Those two intense scenes would’ve been great to see and judge.

However, from what I saw, I did prefer to read the play than to watch it. I am obviously no expert in anyway, but there were certain things that could’ve been altered (character wise) in the play. The major problem I had was that, they didn’t let the daughter talk. She had plenty of time to defend herself even if she was being passive. If this was intentional, I don’t think the daughter was developed enough as a character to do that. All we know is that she’s a teenager who changes her style a lot. I feel like they didn’t do this so teenagers could relate to her and so the audience can understand what she was going through, but it didn’t pull through. I didn’t feel too much sympathy for her for this reason. Then I feel like the mother’s overwhelming attitude was too exaggerated. It was obvious that she was having trouble choosing between her husband and father. If the production is going to do a play on an Irish-Catholic girl becoming Muslim, then yes, show how society is overbearing and wants this change to end, BUT they are making the daughter look like a hero because the mother is too exaggerated. However, if they wanted us to not like her than it is ok, but at the same time there was no development with her character besides her killing her husband.

I think the reason why I can’t really convey what I disliked about the play was because there was really no character development. Honestly, I didn’t think the main character went through this development, the mother obviously didn’t because she is still her obtrusive self, her father didn’t, and not even my two favorite characters the sister and little Joe. I believe this mostly has to do with is the time, how time skips in this play. I like it, but there were times where it wasn’t necessary.

Fortunately, if this would ever to become a big production, I would love to see what changes they do on a bigger stage! It’s a very interesting story and I can’t wait to see it.

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I don’t like to dance, but I took dance lessons when I was very young. However, I stopped because I don’t like to dance. After that, I don’t think I ever pushed myself to dance again.

HOWEVER, I love to see people dance. Actually, I wish I could do that and going to the American Ballet Theater was incredible.

I wasn’t too fond of the first act; mostly because I can’t remember it. I guess you do remember the things you like.

The second act and third act were incomparable because they both did different things. I liked them both actually.

The second act was built upon a story and I am very proud of myself that I understood it (haha). It was just really cool how they integrated story and dance together. The costume, lighting, set design was amazing too (mostly because it took 30 min to fix during intermission). I especially liked the lighting because the dancers’ shadows looked like they were floating, which was a pretty cool effect. However, I thought the story kind of dragged towards the end.

The final act was more experimental. I like it more because of the music change and the fast pacing, but it was too short!

Overall, although I prefer other dances over ballet, I really enjoyed my time especially going with a group.

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Vietnam Memorial


I am only titling this as “Vietnam Memorial” because I missed out on going to the 9/11 Memorial. I actually have been to the 9/11 Memorial and I honestly couldn’t do again. Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful, but the whole thing was just very distraught (at least when I went). I felt more of a connection to the 9/11 Memorial because when I was younger, I used to live in Corona, Queens and I was at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School. Everyday, even if it was foggy outside, I was able to see the twin towers from my room. On 9/11/2001, I was in class and everyone was being taken to go home and I was one of the only ones that was still in class not knowing what happened. When I got home, I looked out my window and all I saw was black smoke in replace of the twin towers. I already knew what had happened, but didn’t know how. I turned on the television to watch cartoons and nothing was on besides the news. Immediately as soon as I realized what had happened, I tried to call my mom because I knew she worked in Manhattan. She wouldn’t pick up and I was worried, but I had my sister and grandmother’s company. She got  home tiredly (she had to walk home from Manhattan) with pictures (that she didn’t allow me to see). For me, the thought that this happened is so unexplainable. Even as a kid, I understood what was going on.

Everyone probably felt differently about the two and they aren’t comparable because it was two totally different events/circumstances/etc.

The Vietnam Memorial had a different feel to it. It’s a vibe that I can’t explain, but it was more mellow to a certain extent. I try to think of the situation the soldiers were in especially as they were writing. When, where, why, how? I obviously won’t understand their exact feelings. As for another story, my step-dad always talks to me about the times he was in Vietnam. He has been on several tours and has experienced many gruesome things. He has weak legs because of all the wounds and scars. His teeth were messed up from being blown up a bit (don’t really know how to describe it as good as him), but fixed. He is infected with Agent Orange. His friends died during and years after the war (because of repercussions). I think to myself that could’ve been him. And that is a sad thought.


P.S. – Sorry for the lateness!

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Going back to a show at Lincoln Center was amazing, especially because it was something different, something that I probably would have not gone on my own to see.

Many people seemed to have enjoyed it, but in all honesty, it did not exceed my expectations. This is not a bad thing or good thing at the same time. In reality, there’s always a stereotype for any kind of music/performance, and for opera, some characterize it as boring and hard to understand. Unfortunately, I have to agree after going to see this. HOWEVER, I am glad that I was able to experience this firsthand. I am glad that I don’t have to wonder anymore about opera (haha). I am not saying I didn’t enjoy myself or the performance, but I am saying that the opera isn’t for me.

As per the performance, set, composer, etc., I thought they were incredible. It was humorous and the colors really went well with the whole idea. I was very impressed with the child actors/singers and some of the music was just great!

After the opera ended, I kind of kept my comments to myself because I know there are many that really enjoyed it. It’s interesting that this art form is still alive, and although it isn’t my favorite, I am also glad that it’s still around.

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