Macaulay Seminar One at Brooklyn College
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Class Photo

As promised, with everyone included, thanks to some photoshop magic.


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Night at Brooklyn Museum

I’ve been to many museums throughout my  18 years of life. This is mostly because of my mom’s enthusiasm with going to museums and my internship that I had going into my senior year of high school. However, as a kid my mom and I always planned on going to the Brooklyn Museum, but it just never happened. I was very excited that the first major event at Macaulay was going to Brooklyn Museum, especially at night because it wouldn’t be overcrowded with other people besides the Macaulay students.

I am part of Monet and my group decided to head to the American culture part. I honestly wasn’t expecting to say much because I am not that into talking about art. I am more of the type to just look and appreciate in my mind. I didn’t know what to say and my comments were just so bland. After we finished with what we had to do, we decided to joke around and look at a sculpture by Malvina Hoffman called “Ivan Mestrovic.” Hoffman decided to dedicate an entire (bigger than life sized) sculpture on her mentor, Mestrovic. Using the tape recorder, we made analysis jokes based upon the work of art. However, as we kept going, it became serious. I had so much more to say and I didn’t know why. I had noticed things that I thought I would’ve kept in my head or wouldn’t have been able to express in words, but I did anyways and it was very exciting.

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My Awkward Explanation of Macaulay & Arts

Movie on 9-10-13 at 9.20 AM

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Why did you choose Macaulay? What is your experience with art?


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Macaulay, the Arts, and Me

Hi everyone!

Here is my video response to the two questions for the Macaulay seminar.  🙂

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