Night at the Museum at Brooklyn College:
For some odd unknown reason I had never visited the Brooklyn Museum before. So, first time impression: the building structure is gorgeous (mistake: I forgot to capture a photo). I wish I had spent more time looking at it, but I plan to that sometime soon.

We had an assignment and limited time, so I had time to explore only one exhibition, aside from the art we discussed: Connecting Cultures. One of my favorites was the collection of jugs/vases from different peoples. They were all different shapes and colored. Some were so simple, others were very intricately designed. I loved the difference. Secondly, the chairs were very interesting. The little blurb reminded me about the purpose of chairs during that time period: they were only used by the leader of the group so that he would be seated above the rest of the group. These chairs look ultra uncomfortable!

IMG_0069 IMG_0073IMG_0070

I visited this exhibition before the even started and with my group I only had the chance to visit the two pieces we discussed, Faile: Savage/Sacred Young Minds, the Temple and Two Ivans and Oksana. The temple seems to have been a favorite for many, a hands-on and interactive experience. I really liked that I could just walk right into a piece of art, especially one at a place like Brooklyn Museum! From such a huge piece, I especially like the outside walls. One side said “Sacred” but the three posters showed otherwise, and same for the wall that said “Savage.” The third wall for the young minds was deteriorating.

The painting Two Ivans and Oskana features a young tired father, exhausted from work, study, and raising his two children. Aside from the strong political message, I found the little family endearing (I’m not sure that’s what I was supposed to feel while looking at the picture, but…).

Here’s a few more of my photos. Sorry for the horrible quality.