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Hi Hi Hello I’m Boris

I promise to say “um” and “you know” a lot less in future videos.  (Maybe I’ll even have different facial expressions?)


Also I won’t record them at night when I look and sound like I’m ready for bed.

This is going to be a fun semester guys

Macaulay Photobooth – Sayuj Zachariah

My Macaulay Introduction: Maryam Choudhary

My Movie – Small



Note: There are a number of pop culture references in this video. Please enjoy!

Photo Booth Profile- Adam Sulaiman

Movie on 9-10-15 at 7.04 PM

Angelica Goldberg – Photobooth Profile Assignment

Movie on 9-10-15 at 5.07 PM

Jack Nasar – Macaulay

Devina’s profile

Devina Persaud – Macaulay Profile

Maisha @ Macaulay (Yay for Alliteration!)


I totally got too excited about the art question but basically what I meant was that art (all kinds of it) always makes me feel something because it’s an awesome form of expression that captures history, emotion, and human development.

Stay lovely everyone! 🙂

Photo Booth Profile

Movie on 9-9-15 at 11.04 PM

Virginia Dweck

Movie on 9-9-15 at 10.28 PM


Movie on 9-9-15 at 10.36 PM

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