The Camaro hunt is afoot.

This section of the blog must definitely seem weird to those who don’t know me! Please, sit back and allow me to explain.

About halfway through high school I had a talk with my father about cars. Many of my friends were beginning to enter driver’s education courses, and I wanted to be part of that group. Driving had always seemed like an art to me; It seemed like something you had to learn and practice rigorously.

My dad told me about how to start learning and even helped get me into a driver’s ed course at my high school. He also told me about his history with driving and cars (this is where this part of the blog starts to make sense). It turned out that my father’s first car was a 1979 Camaro, maroon in color. He showed me a picture of him standing next to it, looking really cool and all that. My dad said that he didn’t expect to leave the used car lot with that car the day he went in. It just happened.

Since that moment, Camaros have been my favorite all-American vehicles. From generation one to generation five, Camaros never cease to amaze fans like me in countless ways. In future posts I’ll go into much more detail about the inside and outside of the car, but for now just understand that this is why I dream to one day be able to walk into a Chevrolet lot and leave with a brand spanking new Camaro. Since the price tag hovers around $30,000, that dream is going to take some time to become a reality. Until that moment, I’ll do my best to record information on all the Camaros I see around the boroughs of New York City.

I guess the only thing to say now is that I’m off to follow those Camaros!

The 2012 Chevrolet logo (from

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