Is Macaulay good for a student who wants a rigorous education, but is also career-oriented?

Absolutely! Many Macaulay Honors students enter college with a strong focus on career. Over 40% of our graduating seniors enroll in graduate school within two years of finishing college. Macaulay’s Career Development Office helps find targeted internships, matches students with career coaches and alumni mentors, and provides robust programming to meet employers. You can learn more about our career focused activities on the website:

What are the Macaulay SEMINARS?

Every Macaulay Honors student must take a sequence of four core honors seminars over their first four semesters of college. These seminars are taught in small sections typically capped at 20 Macaulay Honors students. They include: Arts in New York City, People of New York City, Science Forward, and Shaping the Future of New York City. You can learn more about them on our website:

What are the benefits of attending Macaulay?

There are many benefits for Macaulay Honors students. Macaulay Honors students are assigned Honors advisors who are your ​advocates and primary resources regarding academic issues, opportunities, programs, and supports the unique needs of high achieving students with academic issues, campus life, and professional goals. Macaulay students also take high-level and honors courses, this includes a set of four required seminar courses created just for them.

Are Macaulay and regular CUNY students in the same classes?

The Macaulay curriculum includes 4 core honors seminars exclusively for Macaulay Honors students. In addition, every semester Macaulay offers a range of upper-level honors courses on a wide range of topics that are specially designed for Macaulay Honors students. But in many instances, you will take classes that may include students from other campus-based honors programs, and also with the general student population.

How does being a Macaulay student at a given campus differ from being a regular student?

In addition to receiving a full-tuition, merit scholarship, Macaulay students benefit from: a rigorous academic program that includes the Macaulay seminars; support from dedicated Macaulay advisors to help students navigate their college experience; exclusive access to Opportunities Funds for internships, research and study abroad/away. To learn more about the special Opportunities available for Macaulay students visit our website: