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Flexible Grading Policy for Spring 2020

You may have heard or read about CUNY’s new flexible grading policies. Our Academic Affairs team and the College Council have a set of rules to apply these policies specifically for Macaulay students and the Macaulay requirements.

Macaulay Honors College Continuity and Completion Policy for Spring 2020

As you review it, keep in mind that seeing you successfully through this school year is paramount to Macaulay administration and staff. We are committed to doing what we can to help you.


I—or someone in my family—is sick and I’m not able to handle school stuff.

If you or a student you know is sick, please encourage them to let their schoolwork go and focus on their health right now. The same is true if you’re helping to support a sick family member.  We know how difficult this is! We will work out the academic details with maximum flexibility and understanding when you’re well.

I was on academic support already and am concerned about losing my Macaulay status and scholarship because I can’t meet the requirements.

We take the support part of academic support very seriously.  The policy specifically guarantees that we will not academically dismiss Macaulay students this semester.

My major has a very specific academic path and I’m worried about not having all the right requirements to move forward and having to wait a year or missing opportunities.

Understandable. Many of you have worked very hard to keep the momentum and we will support you. Because the CUNY policy supersedes all program or department requirements, a grade of CR will be acceptable in any course for any major.

Is there a limit to the number of courses that I can transfer to “no credit” status or withdraw from?
Nope. No limit.  Any or all!

If I opt for “no credit” will I have to re-register for that course and make it up?

Maybe–it may depend on your campus and the nature of the course and how much work you were able to complete successfully before the pandemic.  Your Macaulay advisor will help to find the right solution for you.

My instructor piled on additional assignments or shortened deadlines as if we’re all on vacation.

We’ve urged faculty to be flexible and accommodating, and we will continue to send them this message, but of course they own the classroom. If the workload overwhelms you, ask your Advisor or Director to help prioritize, and remember that the CR grade is an open option for any class.

*How will graduate schools (medical schools, etc.) look at my CR grades?

Everyone everywhere knows what kind of semester this has been! While individual graduate schools will make their own decisions (and you should check their websites for their policies), many have already committed to making allowances for the special circumstances this semester.  Your transcript will contain an explanatory note explaining CUNY’s policy.

* Who can I speak to about my situation?

Do reach out with questions. Ask your campus Advisor or Director first. You may also contact Chief Academic Officer Joseph Ugoretz (joseph.ugoretz@mhc.cuny.edu). And remember, our Wellness Center can help with managing anxieties related to this tough time.

Who to ask for information

  • Students should seek guidance from financial aid if considering the CR/NR option to discuss implications on meeting financial aid requirements (for example, some scholarships may require a minimum number of credits each semester to be taken for a letter grade)
  • CONTACT: Your Macaulay Advisor or scholarships@mhc.cuny.edu
  • Students should seek guidance from their Macaulay advisor, to consider implications of the CR/NR option for specific courses relevant to future career, graduate or professional training requirements.
  • CONTACT: Your Macaulay Advisor


  • Last day to withdraw from course with a grade of W: 5/14/2020
  • Last day to file for credit/no credit option: 20 business days after the University’s final grade submission deadline or the date of actual grade posting.
  • CONTACT: For information on the CR/NC option, contact Joseph Ugoretz, Chief Academic Officer at joseph.ugoretz@mhc.cuny.edu

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