Social Media Policy and Guidelines

The Office of Marketing and Communications at Macaulay Honors College is responsible for maintaining the college’s official social media accounts. These accounts serve as a vital link between the college and our community, providing a platform to share news, events, and engage with our audiences. We are committed to fostering a positive and informative online environment. To ensure the integrity and effectiveness of our online presence, we do not allow the creation of any additional social media accounts representing Macaulay Honors College.

We welcome the opportunity to work with your department or office to post content on your behalf on the college’s official LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and X channels. To make a request, please contact


Exceptions to this policy are granted to student clubs recognized by the college. These clubs may create and maintain their own social media accounts. We encourage student clubs to adhere to the following guidelines.


General Best Practices for Maintaining and Starting a Social Media Account

Prepare for Success
Develop a social media strategy: identify your target audience, set objectives, and outline essential tools for a successful online presence before diving in. For instance, determine if your social media page will have a moderator and establish the criteria used for content decisions. Leverage available Macaulay Honors College resources to enhance your online impact. If you manage a social media page on behalf of Macaulay Honors College, reach out to the Office of Marketing and Communications for additional guidance and best practices.

Protect Personal Information
Bear in mind that anything you share on social media can potentially become public and exist indefinitely. To safeguard your safety and security, exercise caution when posting personal information. Do not post identifying information such as home and cell phone numbers, residential addresses, personal email addresses, and the like, on social media platforms. Familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of all social media sites and stay informed about any policy updates.

Be Appropriate and Respectful
Social media is an extension of real life. Online behavior mirrors conduct in emails, public speeches, classroom lectures, conversations with friends, or posters on a wall. What is considered inappropriate offline applies equally online. Be aware of your audience and think before you post. Take into account the diversity of your audience and the potential impact of your words, actions, and images on various groups. While free speech rights are highly valued, overt hate speech is not tolerated. Macaulay Honors College is committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion for all members of our community.

Be Authentic
Present an accurate representation of yourself and be transparent about your role at Macaulay Honors College. Keep in mind that you’re in an academic environment and consider the implications of using a platform provided by Macaulay Honors College.

Be Clear
When acting as a representative of the Macaulay Honors College community, clearly state your or your group’s association with the college. If you are a member of the Macaulay Honors College community but express personal opinions on social media, make it evident that you’re sharing your views and not those of Macaulay Honors College.