Jacqueline Lue

Jacqueline Lue, P ’12

Parent of Gavin P. Lue ‘12, Hunter College, Computer Science

Macaulay: Can you share with us some biographical background?

Jacqueline Lue: My husband and I are originally from the Caribbean. I am from the island of Trinidad (of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago) and my husband is from the island of Jamaica and we both immigrated to the United States in the early 80s.  We pursued college degrees as a means of attaining our American dreams, got married and raised 3 children (Mathieu 24, Analicia 22 and Gavin 18).  I am currently employed by JPMorgan Chase as a Vice President in charge of Global End User Technology Support for the Corporate Technology Business Unit and my husband works for the Knickerbocker Corporation as a member of their resident support team. We are active volunteers and encourage our children to also give their time to others.

M: What determined your involvement and interest in the events you attended at Macaulay?

JL: Each of the topics seemed very relevant to economic or technology events that have immediate effects on our lives.  I wanted to hear from the leaders in the various industries (e.g. clean energy, electronic media) to get a first person view of the trends.

M: Do you have any other thoughts to share with other Macaulay parents?

JL: We believe that staying engaged with your child is very important to their success.  Balancing the engagement by not being over-bearing or intrusive is very critical so that they understand you care about their personal and academic well-being without the interaction being very stressful to both parties.