Macaulay Parents’ Council


The Parents’ Council is a group of active and supportive individuals who forge strong relationships among parents, prospective parents, and the larger College Community.
The work of the Parents’ Council will focus on strengthening the College in two important ways:

  • By augmenting the Macaulay Honors College Opportunities Funds for study abroad, internships, and independent research.
  • By enhancing Macaulay’s visibility as one of the nation’s top 7 honors programs.
The Council will:

  • Serve as a link for parents and provide information and feedback to the Macaulay Community.
  • Advise Macaulay leadership from a parental perspective.
  • Sponsor events to build parent interest and involvement.
  • Support the Opportunities Funds with a leadership-level gift and related outreach efforts.
The Council will:

  • Enhance communications targeted to parents, including a new monthly e-newsletter.
  • Develop a Welcome packet for parents of the incoming class.
  • Suggest and contribute ideas/stories/short videos for the Parents’ Page on the Macaulay website.
  • Meet on campus twice yearly; participate via phone calls and/or e-mail as needed.
  • Host or attend campus events or NYC-area Parents’ receptions.
  • All Macaulay parents who contribute at least $250 annually are welcomed as members of the Parents’ Council.
  • You will get to know fellow parents and feel part of a valued community.
  • You will have an opportunity to advise the College leadership team on issues and initiatives that are important to the parent community.
  • You will get “insider” briefings from a member of the College’s leadership team on Macaulay’s accomplishments and challenges.
  • You will help Macaulay raise its profile and become financially sustainable.

Become a member of the Parents’ Council by making a $250 gift or more.

If you select Quarterly or Monthly payments, please also check the box for MAKE THIS A RECURRING GIFT so that you can choose which day of the month you would like your credit card to be charged.


Parents’ Council and its related committees and activities are currently paused. Please consider making a gift to the college here. 


For more information, please contact:

Stephanie Hyacinth

Stephanie Hyacinth
Interim Vice President of External Relations

Macaulay Honors College
(212) 729-2917(212) 729-2917
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