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Macaulay Honors College to Host the 2019 City Nature Challenge, Sponsored by ConEd

Macaulay Honors College is pleased to announce that it has entered into partnership with ConEd to support the 2019 City Nature Challenge. The challenge is a national, four-day public event that invites New Yorkers to contribute to science education and benefit New York City’s unique urban wildlife environment. Macaulay will be the event’s official host for the fourth consecutive year. The New York City Nature Challenge Sponsored by ConEd will take place over the weekend of April 26-29 and bring together nature lovers of all ages in the greenspaces of their communities to record examples of urban wildlife with smartphones.

Throughout the weekend of April 26-29, public parks, preservation societies, gardens and other natural organizations around New York City’s five boroughs will host City Nature Challenge events that are open to all. Macaulay students, staff and faculty will be on hand to teach and guide participants. Then, after the 4 days of observation has ended, students will help properly identify and catalog the species in a marathon technological session. Macaulay will share the results of the challenge with the public, students, and educators later in the Spring.

Citizen scientists from all walks of life will represent New York City in this national challenge. As they explore in the spirit of discovery, their efforts will contribute to our understanding of urban wildlife and the United States as a whole.The event expands the scientific body of knowledge so that educators can instill a love for science and planners can build cities that work better for humans and wildlife. The City Nature Challenge was created by iNaturalist.org and the California Academy of Sciences.




Kathryn Lineberger

Macaulay External Relations



Dr. Kelly O’Donnell

Macaulay Dir. Science Forward