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Thanks for your interest! This event is sold out but there will be others in the series. Please open your Macaulay Monday email for news. 

Guest Speakers

  • John J. Mack, Former Chairman/CEO of Morgan Stanley
  • Gordon M. Bethune, Former CEO of Continental Airline
  • Glenn Hutchins, Co-founder of Silver Lake Partners
  • Stacey Hadash, Managing Director and COO for Global Capital Markets at Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Henry T.A. Moniz, Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Audit Executive of Viacom Inc.
  • Wei Sun Christianson, CEO Morgan Stanley China, Co-CEO Morgan Stanley Asia Pacific
  • Eric Haley, Managing Director of the OMERS Private Equity
  • Kathleen M. Doyle, Chairman and CEO of Doyle Auction House New York
  • Benjamin Adams, Managing Director of Healthcare Industry Group
  • Jack Seidler, CEO of Interplex Industries, Inc.
  • Andy Serwer, Editor In Chief of Yahoo Finance

About the Series

“Conversations with Global Business Leaders” is a series of dialogs organized by the Asian Cultural Center and PLC Ltd. Inc. to help young professionals in various industries as well as college and graduate students.

We will invite visionary business leaders to share their career experiences with attendees through dialogues with Andy Serwer, editor-in-chief of Yahoo Finance. In addition, we will invite six to eight senior professionals and HR advisors from different industries to exchange information and experiences with young people at the events.

We hope that this series can not only provide a networking platform for young people, but also an opportunity to brainstorm on their future careers and lives! LEARN MORE