Macaulay Honors College

Drew Podgorski '17 (John Jay) is in the first senior class to graduate Macaulay Honors College. He has a double major in Global Economics and Middle Eastern Studies and will go from ROTC to the Army National Guard.

Sara Louie '17 (City) is passionate about the planet and people, and she brings what she has learned to everything she does:

Chelsea Batista '17 (Brooklyn) had many choices for medical school--11 of them! She had only hoped for one:

Ashley Brea Tavarez '17 (Queens)--while one teacher tried to set her back, another one inspired her to do great things in the world:


The Macaulay 2017 Business & Tech Career Fair will feature employers searching for students/alums interested in computer science, tech, business, finance, and accounting. Visit the Macaulay website events page for more details. #mhcinternship #hireMacaulay
Othilla Wlodarczyk (@macaulayhonors @huntercollege '18) is interning @wellsfargo in Commercial Real Estate Banking #mhcinternship
Revature and WiTNY Partner to Offer Pathways to High Paying Careers in Technology. Join Revature and CUNY as they work together to develop the next generation of female software engineers. Their program gives you the next-gen skills needed to work at top companies, on projects that make a difference. Gaining the tools you need to be successful starts here. Deadline to apply is today!
More than 80% of @macaulayhonors alumni work right here in New York City! #newyorker
Summer is all about water, but where does ours come from? #scienceforward


an exciting part of Macaulay orientation: Ideas Workshops, where students get their laptops! 8/22

Great news about @MacaulayAlumni Tom Brigandi named Inaugural Global Outstanding Young Leader by @CFANewYork

Happy #PythagoreanTheoremDay, 8/15/17 or 8² + 15²=17². The next one isn't until 12/16/20

Prof @lzreis on #fakenews regarding intersex children and adults.

We'll be in Alley Pond Park in QNS for our annual sophomore bioblitz. urban #biodiversity