Student and Alumni News


Macaulay is in the process of forming a partnership with students and faculty from Appalachian State University and other institutions to assist students in devising their own unique plans to address the ideals of diversity, tolerance, and respect for difference.

We are developing this project with institutions across the country, based on a United Nations-sponsored writing competition.

This is an opportunity for Macaulay students to get in on the ground level and play a role in creating a new form of scholarly partnership—the aim of which is to connect students from across the country and encourage them to develop, prepare, and present specific initiatives addressing diversity and social justice at the local or community level.

Researchers, writers, social entrepreneurs, and anyone with an interest in policy leadership are encouraged to take part in this program. We will be setting up a meeting with the nationwide organizer in late November.

If you are interested in learning more and providing input into this nascent program, please contact Dr. Mike Lamb