Opportunities Fund Documentation Deadline January 30 | Macaulay Honors College


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For students who participated in either a Fall ’16 or Winter ‘17 study abroad program a critical deadline is approaching:

January 30, 2017

It’s important that you submit documentation indicating exactly how your Opportunities Funds were appropriated, so that Macaulay may comply with a variety of federal, state and CUNY guidelines.  To do this, visit the Opportunities Fund Overview page, click on Study Abroad/Study Away and scroll down to “Post Study Abroad Documentation Guidelines”

You’ll need to assemble these documents:

  • course syllabus for each course completed abroad (Only required if you did not submit one with your Opportunities Fund application).
  • An unofficial CUNY transcript (i.e. e-SIMS print out) indicating that you registered for study abroad credits.
  • An official airfare receipt or itinerary that includes the departure/return dates and the cost of airfare.
  • Program and housing fee receipts (i.e. Copies of the cancelled checks/money orders made out to the host College).
  • Fill out the Study Abroad Evaluation Form, submit electronically and print a copy (A hard copy must be submitted along with your receipts).
  • Attach all documents to the Opportunities Fund Document Submission Form.

Please be on the lookout for the next Macaulay Monday edition, as well as the Opp. Fund overview page for an upcoming webpage link that will be provided where you will be able to upload all of your receipts. If you are submitting your receipts early, you can mail or email your completed documentation to:

Carolina Ruiz
Cultural Passport Coordinator 
Macaulay Honors College
35 West 67th Street
New York, NY 10023

Please note that students whose documentation doesn’t comply with the standards described on the Opportunities Fund Overview page may risk suspension of funds. So please contact Carolina Ruiz with any questions or concerns you may have.