College News

Gus Tsahas P’22 is a Macaulay parent whose daughter Irene graduated early.

I first heard about Macaulay while attending Baruch College, and I had an opportunity to meet some Macaulay graduates who impressed me with their intelligence and work ethic.  My daughter Irene was aware of the Macaulay at Baruch program from older friends, and it turned out to be the perfect fit as she prioritized the quality of education and student outcomes.

While Irene had a tough decision to make between attending a private school with good merit aid and Macaulay at Baruch, she chose Macaulay.  Irene accepted the offer as she looked forward to experiencing Manhattan after growing up on Long Island, and she found the content of the Macaulay honors classes interesting.  Accounting majors at Baruch have excellent opportunities for internships and jobs, and the school places many graduates in the “Big 4” firms, which is where Irene wanted to be.

It is an accolade to graduate from a top honors college, and the additional effort is well worth it as learning is forever!  We recommend Macaulay to students who prioritize educational quality and student outcomes over other college factors that are popular but are not value oriented.  The required honors classes are quite different from technical courses, and they add to the student skillset. The professors are very good, and honors advising and early registration were helpful while the tuition award keeps the cost manageable and minimizes student loans.

I received my master’s degree in Financial Engineering from Baruch, so my highly favorable experience there convinced us that Irene would have a similarly positive experience.  Being accepted into the Macaulay program at Baruch was, for Irene, icing on the cake.

I am trained as an engineer and have worked in private business for most of my career in construction and finance.  As a life-long learner, I value education wherever I can get it, but no institution comes close to the value proposition of the CUNY system.

My belief is that we need to leave things better than we found them, and to “pay it forward” to future generations.  Participating in Macaulay’s Parents’ Council has been rewarding as the committees address real-world issues and provide a better experience for current and future students.  Macaulay’s administration and leadership are very engaged with the Council, and the coordination is exemplary and benefits everyone.

Why does my family contribute to Macaulay?  Given the value provided by Macaulay Honors College and its four-year merit scholarship, it is prudent to provide financial support if the family’s finances allow.  As a public college system, CUNY can use resources from its parent community to provide academic enhancements such as laptops, study abroad, and project financing.

Above: Gus, Irene, and Patty Tsahas