Student and Alumni News

Yorranshell Wattson ’19 (Lehman) sees “tremendous potential” in her double major in computer science and biochemistry. Her passion for the intersection of health, science, and technology is fueled by a conviction that the combination can “improve the quality of life for millions of individuals.”

In pursuit of her academic and professional goals, Yorranshell is a resident in the CUNY NYC Tech Talent Pipeline. As part of this program, she has interned as a junior software engineer with a large media conglomerate. Yorranshell characterized her experience as “invaluable,” adding, “I am constantly advancing my programming skills.” Furthermore, as a member of the National Society of Black Engineers, she connects with other “fun and ambitious students” who are preparing for tech careers.

In addition to striving toward professional goals, Yorranshell values “learning and growing as a person.” For example, she participates in Lehman L.I.F.E (Leaders Involved For Everyone), in which students complete community service projects both at home and abroad. Outside of school, she grows by creating art, listening to music, and “exploring psychological and philosophical theories.”

Yorranshell specifically called out Macaulay’s advising program as having contributed to her success. “I knew I would have supportive advisors encouraging me,” she said. “What I did not expect was to have advisors who really cared about me pursuing my dreams – and for the right reasons. I am grateful to have been guided by such authentic and inspirational individuals.”