Student and Alumni News

On the night of May 10, 2017, members of the Macaulay came together to honor select seniors in the Macaulay community. In addition to the inaugural Provost’s award, seniors also received awards from the Bruno Salazar Alumni Network, and the Spirit of Macaulay citation. Each of the 8 campuses gave awards from two categories: Community Service: Recognizing outstanding volunteer service work that exemplifies Macaulay’s belief that every student must challenge him or herself to improve the lives of others; and Legacy: Recognizing exceptional co-curricular contributions to the Macaulay community that have provided a template for future student activities and outreach.

Baruch College

Community Service: Emily Leung

Legacy: Joshua Solomowitz and Juliana Emmanuelli


Brooklyn College

Community Service: Pornin Tauthog

Legacy: Jonah Estess


City College

Community Service: Sara Louie

Legacy: Kelsey Hillesheim


Hunter College

Community Service: Sharon Pang

Legacy: Emily Stone, Linda Luu, and Joy Nuga


John Jay College

Community Service: Nadejda Dimitrova

Legacy: Steven Ficurilli


Lehman College

Community Service: Ann Palathingal

Legacy: Adrianna Mathew


Queens College

Community Service: Samantha Chiu and Virginia Lee

Legacy: Nik Nicaj and Adrianna Sirinian


College of Staten Island

Community Service: Christina Dellaventura and Palwasha Syar

Legacy: Ryan Livote and Anthony Massa


Provost’s Award: Chelsea Batista (Brooklyn College)

Bruno Salazar Alumni Network: J.A. Strub (Hunter College)

Spirit of Macaulay: Sara Louie (City College)