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Eager to make a difference, Ana LuoCai ’21 (City College) has been working to make positive change within vulnerable communities since the beginning of her college career. As a political science major and public policy minor, Ana searches for opportunities that allow her to excel in a career surrounding domestic policy issues.

When she was three years old, Ana moved to the United States from Lima, Peru, an experience which has helped shape her identity and contributed to her career aspirations of aiding immigrants and marginalized groups.

Ana was awarded the 2019 Alumni Opportunities fund grant and used it towards her unpaid internship with New American Leaders, a nonprofit organization that helps prepare first and second-generation Americans running for office. Ana identified candidates to bring into their network, conducted opposition research, and led policy-tracking efforts by monitoring legislation at the local level.

Ana is currently working as the Democracy Intern at the Brennan Center for Justice, continuing her pursuit of serving marginalized groups through policy work and research. “I hope to continue this incredibly fulfilling path that I am on now,” she says, “where I am able to be a part of change for the lives of so many.”

The generosity of our alumni transformed Ana’s life and career. Join us in transforming another!