Orientation Questionnaire

The information you provide below will help us to understand your needs and make orientation a great experience for you. Please complete this questionnaire by August 1st.
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  • So much happens at Macaulay orientation that we require every incoming first year student to attend all three days.
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    Note: Session times will be assigned to you in August.
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  • We're happy to accommodate certain restricted diets during orientation. Please share any special needs you may have. * Required
  • Please let us know if you have any physical limitations that might affect your participation. * Required

    Day 1 of Macaulay Orientation is focused on building community through a series of outdoor activities, games and events on the campus of Lehman College. Students will be challenged to work together to achieve a common goal through some fun (and funny) modes of behavior and communication.  

    It is very important for our staff to know about any medical issues that might affect your participation in any way. You may use the "Other" box to tell us.

  • Please let us know if you have any technological barriers that might affect your participation. * Required

    All three days of Macaulay Orientation will occur in a virtual format. Internet connection will be required to access Orientation content and live webinars. 

    It is very important for our staff to know about any technological barriers that might affect your participation in any way. You may use the "Other" box to tell us.

  • Do you have any religious concerns that might limit your participation during orientation? * Required
    If so, please use the "Other" option to let us know.
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    We want to make sure that we know about any accommodations needed for your full and comfortable participation in Orientation. If so, please use the "Other" option to provide more information.
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    Your answer will not affect your eligibility for a laptop through Macaulay Honors College.
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  • Please complete this questionnaire by Aug 1 to ensure that we can send accurate shirt sizes. T-shirts will be mailed to the address that you inputted on the previously sent Laptop Mailing Confirmation form. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all students will receive their exact size, but we will do our best!
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