Macaulay in the News

Goldman Sachs Wants to Become the Google of Wall Street — And it’s Taking a Recruiting tip From the Tech Giant
Business Insider (11/9/2017)

The Case for Citizen Science on Coastal Waters—BioBlitz
City Lab (11/3/16)

Macaulay Honors College Ranked Among the Nation’s Best
Our Town/Eastsider (9/29/16)

Baruch Gets $30 Million Donation
Wall Street Journal (9/26/16)

Chancellor Milliken Names Dr. Mary Corliss Pearl as Dean of Macaulay Honors College
Amsterdam News (9/8/16)

Chancellor Milliken Names Dr. Mary Corliss Pearl as Dean of CUNY’s Macaulay Honors College (9/6/16)

CUNY names new dean of Macaulay Honors College
Politico (8/31/16)

Mary Corliss Pearl (8/31/16)

Chancellor Milliken Names Dr. Mary Corliss Pearl as Dean of CUNY’s Macaulay Honors College
CUNY Newswire (8/31/16)

The Storefronts That Survive
The Atlantic City Lab (8/9/16)

Bill Macaulay Is Giving Back in a Way That Should Make the Wealthy Take Notice
Yahoo! Finance (7/20/16)

Scientific Study Wants to Identify All the Microbes—Sofia Ahsanuddin ’16 (Brooklyn) quoted
NY Daily News (6/6/16)

David Hwang, and Leaders from BAM, Public & Flea Set for CUNY Panel (5/6/16)

CUNY Macaulay Honors College Ends Support for Macaulay Global Brigades
The Excesior/Brooklyn College (4/20/16)

Macaulay Honors the CUNY Filmmakers
Huffington-Post (4/13/16)

From the Filmmakers’ Mouth
Huffington-Post (4/12/16)

Discovering Macaulay Discover Itself
Huffington-Post (4/11/16)

Goldwater Scholars 2016 (4/1/16)

Commencement Speakers Announced (4/1/16)

Honors Colleges Promise Prestige
The Chronicle of Higher Education (3/21/16)

CUNY, Cornell Tech, and Founding Partner Verizon Announce Women in Technology and Entrepreneurship in NY Initiative
CUNY Newswire (3/21/16)

20 Things To Do in New York City’s Neighborhoods This Week
DNAinfo (3/6/16)

Grants Roundup: $10 Million for Minority Girls, Young Women, and Transgender Youths
The Chronicle of Philanthropy (2/17/16)

Universities join de Blasio push for tech pipeline
Politico New York (12/7/15)

From Behind The Mounds: Highlights From BioBlitz! At Freshkills Park
The Freshkills Park Alliance (10/26/15)

America’s Top Donors
The Chronicle of Philanthropy (10/15)

Dispatches from the Blitz: On the Trail of Biodiversity
Urban Omnibus (9/30/15)

CUNY Congratulates Fernandez & Kirschner for Exemplary Service
The Jewish Voice (9/23/15)

Former Fresh Kills Landfill Breeding New Life
NY1 (9/2/15)

An Over-Achiever’s Advice: Not So Fast Ocean Road Advisors’ Anthony Meyer urges students to take their time
Wall Street Journal (7/28/15)

Today in Politics: Democrats Seek an Early Start to the Endorsement Season
The New York Times (6/2/15)

2015’s high-profile graduation speakers
student & Alumni CNN (5/27/15)

2015 Commencement Graduation Speakers List (5/15)

7 Colleges You Can Attend for Free (4/10/15)

Can Afford It! – How to Pay For College Without Breaking the Bank
New York Post (3/1/15)

In search of free college tuition beyond Obama’s plan
Reuters (1/16/15)

What It Takes to Get Into New York City’s Best Public Colleges
The Atlantic (1/13/15)

NYC’s last Nobelist? The war on quality schooling
New York Post (12/9/14)

Herman Badillo’s school revolution
New York Post (12/5/14)

TEDxCUNY Showcases influential CUNY students and faculty
The Knight News (12/3/14)

First TEDxCUNY Event Explores Idea of Access
Epoch Times (11/16/14)

Couple’s endowment provides a free education
Greenwich Time (9/23/14)

The Frontline Caregivers of the Future Will Be Highly Educated, Skilled and Motivated Nurses
Huffington Post (8/6/14)

How to go to college free
Fox Business (7/22/14)

How to go to college free
Consumer Reports (7/15/14)

22 Colleges Where You Can Earn a Degree for Free. Seriously.
Time (7/14/14)

CIEE and Macaulay Honors College Launch Innovative Integrated Study-Abroad Model
PRWeb (6/12/14)

Commencement Address at Macaulay Honors College City University of New York
National Cancer Institute (6/6/14)

Peace Corps or Harvard
The Huffington Post (6/3/14)

4 reasons to attend a private college (5/16/14)

The One Thing I Regret During the College App Process
The Huffington Post(5/14/14)

CUNY Graduation Attracts Bevy of Prominent Personalities
The Jewish Voice (5/14/14)

Ask A Native New Yorker: Should I Make My Kid Go To College In NYC?
Gothamist (4/25/14)

New York City Colleges: Pace University, Macaulay Honors, Cooper Union (Criteria, Student Life, etc.)
Hub Pages (4/19/14)

Willow Lake Canoeing!
HarborLAB (4/19/14)

College’s National Rankings On The Rise
Queens Tribune (12/26/13)

Central Park Bioblitz
WNYC (10/31/13)

Central Park’s Population Explosion
West Side Spirit (10/2/13)

Biology in the Big Apple: Surveying the Wildlife of Central Park
Scientific American (9/28/13)

Roll Call in the Ramble
New York Magazine (9/22/13)

Hey, You Calling Me an Invasive Species?
The New York Times (9/7/13)

Wikistorming: Colleges offer credit to inject feminism into Wikipedia
Fox News (9/6/13)

Science in the City and Critters in the Park
Watch the video »
Metrofocus (9/4/13)

The Batman of Central Park
The Atlantic (8/29/13)

Canvassing Central Park and Finding New Tenants
The New York Times (8/28/13)

Get Out the Bat Detectors, Central Park’s Having a BioBlitz
Epoch Times (8/28/13)

Canvassing Central Park and Finding New Tenants
AM New York (8/28/13)

Survey Under Way To Tally All Of Central Park’s Animals, Plants
CBS New York (8/27/13)

ABC News coverage of BioBlitz
ABC News (8/27/13)

Central Park Conservancy and Macaulay Honors College at CUNY sponsor ‘bioblitz’: Students, volunteers document species of flora and fauna in New York park
New York Daily News (8/26/13)

CREATURES TALLIED IN CENTRAL PARK: Scientists and CUNY Students Launch a 24-Hour Census
The Wall Street Journal (8/26/13)

The Colleges Where Tuition Is Still Free
Forbes (6/12/13)

Free College Options Still Exist, for Those Willing to Build Ships, Milk Cows or Salute
The New York Times (4/25/13)

The Man Who Saved CUNY
The New York Times (4/20/13)

CUNY head Goldstein stepping down in summer
New York Business Journal (4/15/13)

Longtime CUNY Chancellor to Step Down After Pushing Higher Standards
The New York Times (4/12/13)

Five Colleges Where you can go to School for Free (1/11/13)

How To Qualify For A Tuition Waiver (6/29/12)

5 colleges you can go to for free

What Do Jews Do? Reflections on the Strangeness of Death
The Lilith Blog (5/4/17)

Pronoun Privilege
New York Times (9/25/16)

The challenge in Mosul won’t be to defeat the Islamic State. It will be what comes after.
The Washington Post (08/12/16)

Affordable NYC neighborhoods for recent college grads: Where to live based on your major, expected income
AM New York (06/23/16)

Why Robert Small Lives on the Upper Westside
Westside Rag (7/26/16)


7 Tips for Job-Seeking Graduates—Mary Pearl quoted
DNAinfo (5/12/16)

Macaulay Honors the CUNY Filmmakers
Huffington-Post (4/13/16)

Macaulay Honors the CUNY Filmmakers
The Odyssey Online (4/11/16)

Mosquitos and Mothers: The Zika Virus and Real Talk on Birth Control
Nursing Clio (1/28/16)

New York City’s abundant wildlife
My Fox News (7/29/15)

The Town Shrink
The New York Times (6/23/15)

Coyote discovered on roof of Long Island City bar
Queens Courier (2/27/15)

After Washington, Petraeus Is Under Radar, but Not Out of Spotlight
The New York Times (2/27/15)

America on the way up
The Washington Post (1/30/15)

Make Forests Pay – A Carbon Offset Market for Trees
New York Times (1/19/15)

Living in a Time of Constant Change
Huffington Post (11/24/14)

Silent Spring Nights
BATS – Bat Conservation International (Summer 2014)

Manhattan Week 2014: Tenements Turn to Condos As Chinatown Spreads To Lower East Side
Time Warner Cable News, NY1 (6/12/14)

Protect Our Bats
The New York Times (5/11/14)

Building Bridges Between the Military and Universities
The New York Times (3/7/14)

Killing Wildlife: The Pros and Cons of Culling Animals
National Geographic (3/3/14)

Professor Petraeus and his protestors
Aljazeera (11/1/13)

Petraeus Protestors Attacked
Clarion (Nov.2013)

Spike TV Founder Albie Hecht Named Head of HLN
The Wrap (9/18/13)

Petraeus hounded by hecklers at CUNY
New York Post (9/12/13)

Protests of Petraeus teaching gig will continue, professor says
CNN (9/12/13)

Protesters Hound David Petraeus Before Lecture At CUNY
NPR (9/11/13)

Interview: Students, Faculty Protest Presence of David Petraeus at CUNY Honors College
The Dissenter (9/10/13)

The Hottest Seats in Class
Time (9/5/13)

A dollar and a dream
The Daily News (7/17/13)

Saving Gen. Petraeus
New York Post (7/17/13)

Petraeus’s Pay for Part-Time CUNY Job, Criticized at $200,000, Drops to $1
The New York Times (7/15/13)

David Petraeus trades $200,000 New York university salary for $1 after outcry
Daily Mail (7/15/13)

Former general and CIA director David Petraeus lowers his CUNY salary to $1
AM New York (7/15/13)

David Petraeus swaps $200,000 New York university salary for $1 following uproar
ANI (7/16/13)

Retired General Petraeus Will Get Paid $199,999 Less Than What He Was First Offered To Teach A College Course (7/15/13)

PSC:’Obscene’ to Pay Petraeus So Much for So Little
The Chief Leader (7/15/13)

CUNY Drops Its Pay for Petraeus
Newsday (7/15/13)

Petraeus Takes a Pay Cut: $200K to $1 (7/15/13)

Petraeus OKs Teaching Pay Cut From $200,000 to $1 (7/15/13)

After Controversy, David Petraeus Will Now Earn $1 Teaching
NPR (7/16/13)

The Last Refuge From Scandal? Professorships
The New York Times (5/4/13)

CUNY’s General coup
New York Post (4/25/13)

Petraeus to Join CUNY as Visiting Professor
The New York Times (4/23/13)

Petraeus to Join the Ranks of New York’s Disgraced Political Figures
New York Magazine (4/24/13)

Petraeus takes job at New York college
The Hill (4/24/13)

Petraeus named visiting professor at NYC honors college
UPI (4/24/13)

Ex-CIA Director David Petraeus Takes Teaching Job At CUNY
DNA Info (4/24/13)

Petraeus CUNY gig
New York Post (4/24/13)

Former CIA director David Petraeus to start CUNY professorship in August
New York Daily News (4/24/13)

New role for David Petraeus: Professor (also on CNN’s Security Clearance Blog) (4/24/13)

Ex-CIA boss David Petraeus to be NY college prof (4/24/13)

Also on:
NBC New York

Petraeus’s New Gig: Visiting Professor
The Daily Beast (4/24/13)

Morning Defense
Politico (4/24/13)

Former CIA director David Petraeus to teach at CUNY
Reuters (4/24/13)

Also on:
Yahoo! News
Huffington Post

Ex-CIA boss David Petraeus to be NY college professor
Associated Press (4/23/13)

Also on:
The Wall Street Journal
USA Today
Detroit Free Press
The Epoch Times
Fox News

Ex-CIA director David Petraeus to teach at CUNY
Fox New York (4/23/13)

Tribeca Film Festival: Lights, camera, interaction
Crain’s (4/7/13)

7 Questions to Ask Open Source Vendors
Campus Technology (9/11/12)

Staten Island Volunteers Prepare Community Garden for Winter
New York 1 News (11/20/2017)

10 African Americans Names Rhodes Scholars
The Washington Post (11/20/2017)

One Brooklyn college student wins Jeannette K. Watson fellowship
The Excelsior (5/17/17)

Macaulay Honors College Student Wins Urban Fellowship
Riverdale Press (5/19/16)

Joy Patel, Muhddesa Lakhana win Jonas E. Salk Scholarships from CUNY
The American Bazaar Online (5/16/16)

Macaulay Sea Cliff Student Wins Fulbright Award
NorthWordNews (5/13/16)

Macaulay Student Wins International Scholarship to Study Abroad
Long Island Herald (5/11/16)

Five Towns Resident Wins Goldwater Scholarship—Tamar Lichter
Long Island Herald (5/7/16)

Macaulay New Dorp Student Wins Gilman Scholarship to Study Abroad
Staten Island Advance (5/11/16)

Outstanding Macaulay Honors College Students Receive Scholarships
JP Updates (5/6/16)

Pinkerton Graduate Making the Grade in NYC (Jake Levin)
The Derry News (4/28/16)

Macaulay Honors College Student Wins Goldwater Scholarship
Five Towns Jewish Times (4/25/16)

South Shore Resident Wins Jeannette K. Watson Award
SI Advance Blog (4/21/16)

Grad Soars Into Foreign Service
NY Daily News (4/10/16)

Macaulay Student Selected for NYC Urban Fellows Program
JP Updates (4/10/16)

Macaulay Honors College Offers Awards Program (4/10/16)

Staten Island Resident Receives Prestigious Goldwater Scholarship
SI Advance (4/1/16)

Macaulay Student Competes for Miss America
SI Advance (3/30/16)

This student got into 11 medical schools— here are her top 4 tips for staying focused
CNBC (3/29/17)

CSI Student Named Kenan Scholar at Macaulay Honors College (1/8/16)

Wanted: Safe spaces for Jews at CUNY
Daily News (11/16/15)

Staten Islander Receives Pioneer Alumni Award
The Freshkills Park Alliance (10/20/15)

Tuition-Free Colleges – Higher Education, Lower Prices
Fox Business (8/27/15)

First Came Summer Camp Marriage, Then Came a More Mature Love
The New York Times (8/3/15)

Review: Summer Shorts at 59E59, With ‘Love Letters’ and a Couch Potato
The New York Times (8/2/15)

The Would-Be High-School Valedictorian in His Cap and Gown
NY Magazine (7/12/15)

Macaulay Alum begins Peace Corps Service in Cambodia
CUNY Newswire (7/14/15)

The Roller Coaster Couple
The New York Times (6/19/15)

Yachad Announces Its New Daner Communal Fellows For 2015-16, Program Begins Late July
The Orthodox Union (6/19/15)

In the Huffington Post, Macaulay alumna Penny Phillips ’10 (Queens College) describes her life of achievement as a daughter of Greek immigrants:
Girls, Shoot for the Stars But…
The Huffington Post (6/12/15)

CARIBBEAT: Fulbright scholar and a new university president are making some modern-day history during the 2015 celebration of Haitian Heritage Month
Daily News (5/31/15)

On Being Undocumented
Chronicle of Higher Education (5/15)

With Honors: Meet Queens College’s Fulbright Scholars
Queens Tribune (5/21/15)

CUNY Awards Medical Scholarships to 8 Outstanding Grads
The Jewish Voice (5/20/15)

Winners – access to success
The New York Times (2/10/15)

Treble on Huntington competes in ICCA quarterfinals (2/10/15)

Dangerous pathogens and mystery microbes ride the subway
CBS News (2/6/15)

Map of New York City subway system microbes; Drug resistant bacteria, DNA fragments linked to anthrax, Bubonic plague
Science Daily (2/5/15)

Muslim students organize Eid ul-Adha cultural celebrations on campus
USA Today (10/1/14)

What’s next for Obamacare in New York
Capital (9/29/14)

HELD MOMENTARILY to Play as Part of FringeNYC Encore Series, 9/11-21
Broadway (9/7/14)

Project 24: A Portrait Of Millennial Artist Nguyễn Chi
Huffington Post (8/29/14)

Brooklyn students win Fulbrights, headed for Bulgaria and Peru
Brooklyn Daily Eagle (6/30/14)

Students to analyze Queens waters in summer CUNY program
The Queens Courier (6/27/14)

People Making A Buzz: Awards
The Queens Courier (5/22/14)

Salary before tech ed: $26K. After: $73K
Crain’s New York Business (4/23/14)

Queen College Student Lauren Blachorsky Wins Prestigious Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
The Paramus Post (4/20/14)

IHS grad heads to Rio de Janeiro on a Fulbright Award
The Rivertowns Enterprise (11/1/13)

Un aviso para la Corte Suprema
El Diario (8/28/13)

College students find time for podcasting
USA Today (8/19/13)

Playing a Wizard’s Game on Ordinary Broomsticks
The New York Times (4/13/13)

The Think Tank: cognitive scientist builds lab-on-wheels (2/5/13)

Injured Prep star looks ahead
New York Daily News (10/21/12)

Park grad pursuing career as playwright
Houston Woman Magazine (6/12/12)


New Presidents or Provosts (10/18/16)

Global Innovation Exchange: A new kind of investment in higher ed
Yahoo Finance (6/29/15)

Duane Morris Commemorates 15th Anniversary of Macaulay Honors College
Duane Morris Press Release (5/18/15)

The Great Dictator
The Chronicle of Higher Education (12/8/14)

Smacked by a Car Door
The New York Times (8/13/14)

City & State’s third annual Above & Beyond Awards
City & State (5/16/14)

This Week @ Inside Higher Ed.
Inside Higher Ed. (5/16/14)

Study abroad to get ahead in the U.S.
The Baltimore Sun (4/28/14)

Answers to Questions About New York
The New York Times (4/19/14)

Paperback Row
The New York Times (4/18/14)

Letters to Sala’ at Marcus Center marks tale of Holocaust survivor (4/8/14)

Sala’s gift, an inspiring tale of faith and survival during Holocaust
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (4/6/14)

Holocaust survivor’s story comes to life at Marcus Jewish center
Dunwoody Neighbor (4/1/14)

Letters to Sala
Atlanta Jewish Times (3/27/14)

Josie Marcus and the Legend of Wyatt Earp
CUNY Salute to Scholars

Ancient SAT Scores Are Poor Indicators for the Mature
The Wall Street Journal (3/9/14)

A Return To Trollope: Did The Book Change — Or Did I?
NPR Books (9/1/13)

Lady at the O.K. Corral: The Story of Wyatt Earp’s Wife
Thirteen: Metrofocus (5/8/13)

A Pioneer in Online Education Tries a MOOC
The Chronicle of Higher Education (10/1/12)

Innovation in Higher Education?
The Chronicle of Higher Education (4/13/12)