Macaulay Advisors on Campus

Macaulay advisors support the unique needs of high achieving CUNY students with academic issues, campus life, and professional goals. Our advisors help each student to understand and take advantage of the many opportunities open to them.

Graduating students overwhelmingly report that the advising they received during their time at Macaulay was one of the most important factors in their success.


How an Advisor Helps

Every student is partnered with an advisor when they are admitted to Macaulay, and meets that person before classes even start. Macaulay advisors offer an important resource to students, assisting them in:

  • choosing academic paths
  • preparing for graduate school
  • applying for external opportunities and scholarships
  • securing internships
  • choosing study abroad programs
  • establishing mentored relationships with faculty
  • supporting completion of senior theses
  • establishing and working toward career goals



Macaulay has advisors on all of its eight CUNY partner campuses. They know their students’ personalities, strengths and goals and communicate regularly with each one.



Advisors bring an awareness of the demands that high-achieving students face. All have advanced degrees and varied experience; many have advanced training in psychology, counseling or academic guidance.


“Even when we are not meeting with students, we are still tracking student performance and watching out for them. We reach out to students with programs that are interesting to them and get in touch when we have an idea something might be amiss.”

– Macaulay Advisor