Supported Opportunities

Study Abroad

You may use the Opportunities Fund to complete part of your college program in another country or, in certain circumstances, in another part of the United States.


Internships / Undergraduate Research

You may use the Opportunities Fund to cover the cost of an internship or undergraduate research project that is unpaid and for which you do not receive academic credit.



You may request funding for credit-bearing and paid internships/fieldwork that takes place away or abroad.


Service Learning and Service Programs

You may apply to use the Opportunities Fund to participate in a project consisting of national/international volunteering or a credit-bearing academic course that combines academic instruction with a service component.


Academic Conferences

You may apply for funding to attend one approved academic conference even if you are participating only as an observer. A second conference may be funded if you are an active contributor.


Honors Project Experiences

You may use the Opportunities Fund for travel, fieldwork, and other activities related to your honors research, senior thesis, or senior project.


Professional Development

You may request funding for professional development activities such as attending workshops or courses relating to your academic/professional goals that are not offered at any of the CUNY Colleges.


Graduate Education

You may request funding for graduate and professional school application fees.


Licensing and Graduate Education Exams

You may request funding for exams, such as GREs, or LSATs, exam review courses, or licensing exams relating to your major that are taken during your tenure as a University Scholar.


* Access is subject to the continued availability of funds. For more information please contact your campus advisor.