William R. Kenan Scholars Program

In the aftermath of September 11, the William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust made a generous pledge and created an endowment to promote a new generation of leadership in New York City. The William R. Kenan Scholars Program was founded to enhance honors education at CUNY by sponsoring a group of outstanding Macaulay students who have demonstrated an early commitment to service and civic engagement.

Macaulay campus advisors nominate a small number of first year students who have committed themselves to public service in an outstanding way. Nominated students then submit an application to be part of the program. From these applications, four Macaulay students per graduating class are chosen to be Kenan Leadership Scholars.

The goals of the William R. Kenan Scholars Program at Macaulay Honors College are threefold:

  • to incubate and foster social vision and courage
  • to build identity and intention as agents of change
  • to draw meaningful lines of connection between scholarship and the communities in which we live

The program offers unique experiences and opportunities with the aim of fostering each student’s individual gifts—as well as encouraging cooperative endeavors—and preparing them to make substantial contributions in their chosen fields after graduation. Through the Kenan Scholars program we seek to make thought operational, to combine intellectual rigor with high adventure.

Funding is available to enable Kenan Scholars to conceive and carry out projects of their own devising. Our goal is to encourage new research and student-generated experiments in community and critical thinking.

For more information, please contact:

Mike Lamb

Mike Lamb
Thomas R. Slaughter Scholar-in-Residence; Associate Director of Immersive & Personalized Education

Office Location: Macaulay Honors College
Email: mike.lamb@mhc.cuny.edu
Phone: (212) 729-2907(212) 729-2907
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