Club Macaulay and Online Community Guidelines

Thank you for taking part in our virtual community space! When interacting online, conduct yourself in a similar way to how you would in person. Remember that being behind a computer screen does not mean you should act differently. Be respectful and kind!


What is the Club Macaulay Feed used for?

  • Sharing:
    • Fun events or opportunities being offered in the Macaulay community and wider CUNY community
    • Intriguing or thought-provoking stories or articles that you found interesting
    • Supporting others with “Likes” and uplifting comments
    • Appropriate memes and gifs students can enjoy
  • Discussing:
    • Interesting things happening in the Macaulay community
    • Thoughts or ideas about Student Life at Macaulay
  • Asking questions about:
    • Clubs & activities that fellow students can respond to


Content relating to the following on the Club Macaulay Feed and other virtual spaces will be removed:

  • Inappropriate language and content
  • Posts, comments, or chats that contain anger, resentment, incivility, personal attacks, or a combination thereof
  • Spamming, or frequent postings
  • Questions related to Macaulay academic requirements (please talk with your advisor for these types of questions)


These guidelines extend to all of our Macaulay virtual community spaces like the Gather.Town Virtual Reading Room and beyond.

Posts that violate these guidelines will be removed. Report any misuse of the Club Macaulay feed or other virtual spaces to or follow steps at this Student Conduct page. All students are expected to uphold the Honors Integrity Pledge at all times.