Extended Tuition Funding

  • Macaulay Honors College announces an opportunity for extended tuition support* for one or two semesters for up to 10 students per academic year (for a total of nine or ten semesters of funding). Extended funding applications from sophomores and juniors in good standing** (only in exceptional cases from seniors) will be considered at the end of each fall semester. Students on extended funding will not be eligible to access the Opportunities Fund during their fifth year. A specially convened evaluation committee will consider all applications and make final determinations according to criteria based on a firm academic rationale.

    *Students must meet CUNY NYS residency requirements for in-state tuition to receive the tuition scholarship.
    **Good standing includes fulfillment of all required procedures and paperwork for, e.g., Opportunities Fund, FAFSA, TAP, etc.

    In order to receive extended funding, you must complete and submit the upcoming year’s FAFSA/TAP forms by October 15, and have no outstanding Opportunities Fund receipts.

    This program is meant to provide an opportunity for up to 10 students per year to plan their programs well in advance in order to take advantage of some unusual possibilities that might otherwise have to be foregone. It is not meant for students who simply wish to extend the time of a four-year program into five years, nor is it meant to extend the time for students to return to good standing if they are on probation or in danger of dismissal. Neither is it meant to provide automatic funding for students enrolled in five-year undergraduate or BA/MA programs. Students must be enrolled as an undergraduate student to receive Extended Tuition Funding. Students enrolled solely in a graduate course of study are not eligible to receive tuition support. It is also not meant to provide tuition support for students pursuing a second Baccalaureate degree.

    Some possible opportunities that would justify extended funding include being able to study abroad for a semester or year; doing extended internships; participating in community service projects in other states or countries; exploring academic areas outside of students’ majors; changing majors; double (or triple) majoring. In short, the rationale for this proposal is to help students do expansive and in-depth intellectual work during their college careers, to make connections between their education and post-graduate plans; and to amplify their academic experiences beyond preparedness objectives that satisfy core or pre-professional training requirements. In rare and exceptional circumstances the committee may consider other reasons (such as a severe medical issue, where an official medical leave of absence at the home campus is not possible).

    The deadline for each upcoming academic year is November 15 at 11:59PM.