Workplace Violence Prevention Program

The City University of New York seeks to create and maintain a safe environment in which all members of the University community—students, faculty and staff—can learn and work free from the fear of sexual assault and other forms of violence. The University’s policies on Workplace Violence and Domestic Violence and the Workplace apply to all acts of violence that occur in the workplace or that may spill over into the workplace.


Workplace Violence Advisory Team

Public Safety, John Jay College
Diego Redondo, Chair
Isabelle Curro
David Rivera
Rabiyyah Williams

Human Resources 
Sara Mazes

Legal Affairs
Richard White

Kristina Gowin

Environmental Health & Safety

Student Services
Veronica Maldonado 

Confidential Executive Coordinator
Amanda Hick

For more information, please contact:

Image of Sara Mazes, the Office and Building Services Coordinator

Sara Mazes
Office and Building Services Liaison

Macaulay Honors College
(212) 729-2927(212) 729-2927
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