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High Performance Building Program

Hey, this is Fanny, posting under Tahra’s user because I don’t have one yet. (Thank you Tahra / <3)
I’m pasting my presentation notes for all those who didn’t get the email, and I’m attaching the High Performance Building guidelines for those who want to browse through it.
High Performance Building Program
High Performance Building Guidelines, published […]

Zero Waste Initiative Notes

Attached are the documents - my notes and the powerpoint. If anything doesn’t work, my email is, and I’ll send it to you directly. Good luck studying!
Who: San Francisco of Supervisors
What: Zero Waste Initiative
When: September 30th, 2002
Where: San Francisco
Why: Stop climate problems! Less trash for incinerators is les co2, less landfills is less land […]

Staten Island Bluebelt System

Sasha Fahme
CHC Panel Presentation: The Staten Island Bluebelt System
The Staten Island Bluebelt is a system of streams, ponds, and wetlands managed by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection NYCDEP for stormwater management. A watershed is a geographic area that contributes water to a particular stream or […]

Poster Presentation & Class Follow-Up

Hello everyone - attached is the PowerPoint from today in pdf. It is about 4mb so if you have a slow connection it may take a few minutes.
Just to summarize a few of the things we discussed today in class:

Email me your posters a few days prior to the printing deadline so I can make […]

scientific posters

I’ll be in class on Monday (11/05) to do an overview of conceptualizing and creating a scientific poster. In order maximize our time together, I thought it would be a good idea to create this post (as well as an accompanying blog page) to provide you with a general overview of conceptualizing and organizing a […]