From The Integration of Dominican, Chinese, Russian and Mexican Immigrants in NYC

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We proudly call New York City our home!

This ever-bustling city also is home to immigrants from all over the world, who dream of a better life in the United States. As a class, we embarked on a research project to learn about the 4 largest newcomer groups to the city today: Dominican, Chinese, Russian, and Mexican immigrants. Our research began with analyzing statistical data from the U.S. Census in search of trends regarding the challenges these immigrants face when they move to the United States and try to integrate into New York City society. Next, we sat down to speak with various community-based organizations and immigrants themselves to shine light on what these numbers actually mean and to learn more about local integration dynamics.

Notes: Many of the organizations described on this Wiki do not inquire after immigrants’ documentation status. Therefore, their clients might include undocumented immigrants. Also, we do not identify our interviewees by name for confidentiality reasons.

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On this page, you can learn more about the authors of this Wiki, the integration challenges, and the integration process. The link to “Integration Challenges” will provide an overview of our analysis of U.S. Census data, and the link to “Integration Process” will cover the information on the organizations that we interviewed. There is also a special section where you can learn about the authors’ reflections on the entire research process.