Mexicans | Jews

The interplay of work and Mexican and Jewish immigration to New York City is complex and multifaceted.  Work can provide both the means and the impetus to immigrate, and it can shape an immigrants’ experiences in his or her origin country and here in New York City.  On a daily basis, work also consumes the majority of many immigrants’ time.  Both Mexicans and Jews have clustered somewhat around specific industries; for example, the garment industry has been important to both groups in their time.  A variety of factors, including political repression, education, and language, have influenced immigrants’ job trends.  Immigrants have often faced harsh working conditions, and many continue to.  Not only have many aspects of Mexicans' and Jews' lives affected their work trends, but these immigrants’ jobs can in turn affect their lives and communities. 



Celine Joiris
Joseph Cammarata
Heather Smith
Michelle Cuozzo
Mya Marshall