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WELCOME to the Irish Community in New York City. This website was created by Professor Deborah Gardner's Seminar 2: Peopling of New York City class and is dedicated to studying the history and future of Irish immigrants and culture in the boroughs of New York City. The Irish are an important part of the diverse nature of New York's culture and society, their experiences and traditions have now become integral to the story and evolution of New York City and America.

"Erin Go Bragh" is the Irish phrase in Gaelic meaning "Ireland Forever" which many Irish immigrants use to express their pride of their country of origin. We use this phrase to express the pride we have in our project about this amazing group of people and to celebrate and honor their struggles and achievements. Through this commitment to the Irish's history here in New York City we explore the Old and New waves of immigration and how treatment of Irish immigrants has changed drastically throughout the centuries. Now with new waves of different immigrants in New York City, second, third and fourth generation Irish families are seen as natives. Irish culture is synonymous with American life, that their holiday, St. Patrick's Day is recognized nationally; we are all Irish on St. Patrick's Day. Diverse groups of people come out to celebrate the patron St. of Ireland on his birthday in March. Along with holidays, cultural foods, music, and dance are practiced by many in New York City. Irish step dancing has become a popular style of dancing that is taught at several schools in the city. Irish soda bread is widely eaten on St. Patrick's day, and Irish bagpipes are now played at several prestigious events.

Irish culture is evident and important not only in New York, but across the nation and we dedicate this website to the Past, Present, and Future of the Irish immigrants in NYC.

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Special Thanks

We would like to thank Macaulay Honors College Administration, Professor Deborah Gardner, and our Technology Fellow Gregory Donovan, for helping our group with the creation of this website.

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