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'From Tevet to Iyar'


Professor Ginsberg's The Peopling of New York City: Macaulay Honors College at Baruch

Jewish Calendar

Shalom and welcome to the Seminar Two “The Peopling of New York City” neighborhood study website!

Our study took place during the entire semester, which started in the Jewish calendar month of Tevet (the equivalent to the month of January), and ended in Iyar (the equivalent to the month of May). The Jewish calendar is a pivotal piece of Jewish life. As opposed to the widely used Gregorian calendar, the Jewish calendar not only encompasses what day it is, it embodies a way of life. The focus of our study is on the Jewish community of Midwood, Brooklyn – a neighborhood rich in ethnic culture, faith, and significance in our great city.

Our website is divided into sections that summarize what we learned during our trips to Midwood and from our outside research. In History and Present Status, we look at the founding of Midwood and how it has developed into the place that it is today. Our Food section delves into the delicious side of Midwood marked with Jewish cuisine and tradition. Intergroup Relations looks into how the Jewish community of Midwood interacts with other cultures in the community. Religious and Social Activities analyze the components that make up Jewish life, including synagogues and Yeshiva schools, while Community Groups talks about the many institutions and organizations that help those in need and enrich Midwood community life.

We had a fantastic time studying Midwood and hope you enjoy the website!

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