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Morningside Heights: Life in Transition

Morningside Heights is a neighborhood that extends from the Upper West Side of Manhattan; it stretches from 110th to 125th Street bounded by the Hudson River on the west, and Morningside Avenue on the east. This West Side neighborhood is not only home to over 92,000 people, it's also the location of reputable New York institutions. It houses the ivied walls of Columbia University and the Manhattan School of Music. The neighborhood consists of mostly prewar co-ops owned by a plethora of different people. Though gentrification of the neighborhood has bought in newer residents that include mostly the upper class and celebrities, older inhabitants include students and faculty of Columbia, and some of the original New Yorkers. Though a quiet residential community in the past, the allure of new businesses and upper class residents has made the neighborhood far more effervescent and vivacious.

Though now filled with many scholarly bookstores, Zagat-rated restaurants, cafes, and bars, Morningside has not lost its residential appeal, with apartments on the “Gold Coast” of Riverside Drive selling routinely in the millions. Part of what is often called the quintessential New York neighborhood, the Upper West Side, it shares delightful residential streets, twin-towered facades of old apartment hotels on Riverside Drive, an Ivy League University, and the neo-gothic cathedral of St. John the Divine. The fact that some of the only remaining buildings in New York built before the First and Second World Wars exist only in Morningside, makes it an architectural and historical delight. From the view of a 135 ft bluff, it overlooks the Hudson River on one side and Harlem on the other. Having the second lowest crime rate in all of New York City, makes it one of the most desirable residential neighborhoods in New York.

A sunset between Grant's Tomb and the International House

Location of Morningside Heights

Morningside Heights is located in Upper West Side Manhattan. The area stretches from 110th Street northward towards 125th Street, and is bounded to the west by Riverside Drive and to the east by Morningside Avenue.

Morningside Heights Demographics


Total Population 92,776
Male Population 46.8%
Female Population 53.2%
Population change since 1990 -7%
Population change since 2000 -2%

Race & Ethnicity

White 59.4%
Black 14.4%
Asian/Pacific Islander 8.3%
Other 17.5%

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