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Public Services
Public services are services provided to the public by they city or state. They exist solely for the people to use as often as they wish, based on demand. Public services are considered "necessary" for modern life and for moral reasons many believe should be guaranteed. Like many neighborhoods, Morningside Heights public services include: schools, hospitals and various health clinics, transportation, and maintenance and the general upkeep of infrastructure.



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Manhattan School of Music
Manhattan School of Music

Morningside Heights is home to a number of educational institutions, with the one most prominent being Columbia University. Of the nearly 93,000 residents of the area, approximately 12.3% hold a high school diploma, 28.7% hold a bachelor's degree, and 35.6% hold some type of post-baccalaureate degree. In terms of minor residents, approximately 82 are enrolled in preschool, 520 in kindergarten, 2,048 in grades 1-4, 2,674 in grades 5-8, and 519 in high school.


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St. Luke's Hospital
St. Luke's Hospital

Healthcare is the treatment of illnesses and the general well being of a person. Healthcare services include not only medical services - such as hospitals and clinics- but also dental, pharmaceutical, and even nursing homes for the elderly. Morningside Heights healthcare services include St. Luke's Hospital, Amsterdam Nursing Home, New York Presbyterian, and various dental care clinics.


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West 121th Street
West 121th Street

The Morningside Heights area is bounded by 125th Street to the north, 110 Street to the south, Morningside Avenue to the east, and the Riverside park to the west. The street network is more of a regular grid. The main north and south corridors are Broadway, Amsterdam Avenue, Frederick Douglass Boulevard, while 125th Street and 116th Street are the main east and west arteries that service Morningside Heights. Morningside Heights is connected to major highways and public transit. The major expressways in the immediate vicinity are the Harlem River Drive, FDR Drive and Henry Hudson Parkway. The major public transit operator providing service in the area is MTA New York City Transit.

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