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From The Peopling of NYC

The Myth of the Model Minority:

Jewish Ethnics, Cuban Exiles, and Chinese Immigrants

in Three New York Neighborhoods

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"From the Shtetl to the Slum":
The Jews of the Lower East Side (1880-1920)

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Tradition Transformed: The Jewish Experience in America
Tradition Umgewandelt. Die jüdische Erfahrung in Amerika
Преобразованная Традиция. Еврейский опыт в америке
Tradição Transformada. A experiência Jewish em América

The history of the Jews in the United States is a long and varied one. The Jewish community began with the presence of small numbers of merchants in port cities such as New York City and Charleston. In the mid and late 19th century educated German Jews arrived and settled in cities across the country. The next wave of immigration from 1880 to 1920 included large numbers of Yiddish-speaking Jews arriving from Eastern Europe. After the 1940s many came as refugees from Europe; after 1980 many came from the Soviet Union.

The reasons behind each wave of Jewish migration, how they became a "model minority", and a lot more can be found here.

"Havana on the Hudson":
The Cubans of Union City and West New York, New Jersey (1959-1990)

Three potent symbols: America, Cuba, and... Cadillac
"El año que viene estamos en Cuba"
"Next Year in Cuba"
--Popular bumper sticker found on the streets of Union City and Miami
--Also a book on Cuban exile by Gustavo Pérez Firmat: Next Year in Cuba

We Americans think of our country as a "nation of immigrants." However, we tend to know little about the lives and experiences of specific immigrant groups. In urban centers like New York City we are endlessly bombarded by a variety of faces and cultures – each with their own unique lives – lives that we more often than not overlook.

Standing proudly at only four percent of the total Hispanic population in 2004, Cubans have undeniably taken center stage in American life, politics, culture, and financial institutions. With such a small population, how have Cubans been able to have so much influence? It is this question that we embrace in our Wiki, valuing the accomplishments of Cuban-Americans and reflecting on the circumstances they faced back home and upon arrival here. Come along on our journey and enjoy.

Cubans in America

"The New Chinatown Monologues":
History and Change in an Ethnic Enclave (1965-Present)

Chinese New Year in Chinatown
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God in Chinatown:
Religion and Survival in New York's Evolving Immigrant Community

Living in the city that never sleeps, New Yorkers often forget about the long and rich history of their home. Only by studying and learning from the past can we begin to look towards the future.

Chinese immigration, which has spanned a period of over 150 years and a distance of more than 7000 miles, brought immense changes to the city landscape. This Wiki attempts to explore and chronicle the face of Chinese immigration by delving into the myth of the model minority, the ethnic enclave, and the assimilation of the Chinese into mainstream American society.

The Chinese Experience

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