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Eilene Lei & Daniel Panit at the African Burial Ground Memorial. Photo: Susan Wu

Jacob Riis and the New York City Color Line in 1890 (Steven Chang)
Jacob Riis, one of America's first muckrakers, brought to light the deplorable conditions Blacks faced in the New York City tenement system.

The Great Migration (Daniel Panit and Steven Chang)
Typical of any migration movement, there were push and pull factors involved in the Great Migration of early 20th century.

The African Burial Ground (Jiahua (Susan) Wu)
Rediscovered in 1991, the African/Negro Burial Ground was a makeshift cemetery, spanning five city blocks, that housed the remains of over 20,000 African Americans.

The Talented Tenth and New York City's Black Elite (Dmitry Kucher)
In 1903, famed black writer W.E.B. DuBois wrote an essay about "the Talented Tenth", outlining his beliefs of how the educated and upper-class blacks should help and raise the status of poor blacks.

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