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From The Peopling of New York City

Welcome to "The Presence of the Past: Turning Points in NYC" Wiki!

"The Presence of the Past: Turning Points in NYC" is a cohesive project done by Professor Napoli's Spring 2008 class. Divided into groups, we studied different neighborhoods, from Bensonhurst to Bay Ridge, the Upper East Side to Coney Island, focusing on a single turning point that changed that neighborhood forever. Whether it be Yellow Fever in the 1850s or the Yusuf Hawkins case in the 1980s, these pivotal points are events that reshaped and reformed New York City into the bustling metropolis it is today.

Through a variety of different media, from oral histories to photographs to short films, this wiki breathes life into the neighborhoods we have traveled to and lived in, showing us all how history is so alive, and that the "Presence of the Past" is with us always.