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I came across this essay the other day:

"Is My Marriage Gay?" - New York Times Op-Ed Article

Hello everyone!

I just read an op-ed piece in the New York Times that is extremely pertinent to our recent conversations about Middlesex. The article is written by a transgendered woman who was technically part of a legal same-sex marriage in Maine even before the state legalized gay marriage last week. However, the legality of her marriage would differ from state to state depending on how each state regards the gender of transgendered individuals.


Response to: Peiss' Chapter 11 Document 3 and essay by Serlin; Eugenides' Middlesex, Books 3 and 4

Sorry this is so late, everyone. I almost forgot about last Thursday's readings. I really wanted to be in class too.


Power Over Life

Hi all, since the discussion last Thursday dealt well with the issues you brought up in your posts, I think I will just add some general comments at this point as you are finishing up your creative projects.   Overall, our weekly discussions and your individual posts have been astutely developing the theme of Foucault’s final chapter in History of Sexuality, Vol.

Tech Needs for Final Presentations

Hi everyone nice to see you at the Kushner class.  I just wanted to check in and say that if any of you anticipate any tech needs for your final presentations please let me know so we can try to have things go smoothly.  Looking forward to seeing your projects! Best, Dominic

Response to Eugenides and Serlin

David Harley Serlin poignantly makes the following statement about Christine Jorgensen with regards to the intricate relationship between public vs. private gender definitions and what Foucault describes as the confessional discourse operating within society:

middlesex and Serlin's essay

The Neverending Normal

Cal reflects on his experience with Dr. Luce:

Middlesex & Christine Jorgensen

In his epic novel Middlesex, Jeffrey Eugenides casts the character of Dr. Luce as the world's preeminent sexologist, expert in all matters of "Sexual Disorders and Gender Identity" and famous for discovering that when it comes to determining gender, upbringing plays a far greater role than biology. Clearly, Dr. Luce understands that the social constructions of "male" and "female" are just that - social constructions.

Response to Eugenides, Books 1 & 2

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