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Welcome to Staten Africa! Here you will find a wonderful blend of the cultures of the West African nations, Ghana, Liberia and Nigeria. The north shore of the borough of Staten Island has a diverse population of immigrants from these nations. Throughout the past semester, we have studied and learned a great deal about this Western African Immigrant community and the countries they call home. We've studied the history and aspects of the cultures of these nations. We’ve attended church services in African Immigrant congregations, visited West African businesses, and dined on African cuisine. All of our experiences, findings and research are here for your enjoyment and enrichment. We hope you will leave this website with a new understanding and appreciation of this immigrant group. Enjoy!


African Roots


On our African Roots page, you will find background information on these three nations, learn all about their influence on American life and the important role religion plays in their lives.

Church Communities


Come explore the West African Church Community on Staten Island! This section entails four summaries of our visits to different churches: New Life Church, Trinity Baptist Church, Christ Assembly Lutheran Church, and First United Christian Church.


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In this section, we take a closer look at typical West African immigrant lifestyle. We cover a variety of topics from family life to clothes, music, and even food!

About Us


As students, all New Yorkers ourselves, we are just as diverse as the people we are meant to study. Each of us come from different backgrounds, which helps to bring many views and opinions to our research and discussions. This section offers pictures of our tour of the African Burial Grounds in Manhattan, as well as an audio clip of the Staten Africa Theme Song!