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Sophie Chen

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My Neighborhood

I recently moved to Staten Island from the Lower East Side in Manhattan where I was born and raised. My current neighborhood doesn't seem anywhere near as lively as my current one in Staten Island which is called Rosebank.

My Education

I attended P.S. 42 for elementary school which has been around for a little more than a century (111 years) because it was located in the heart of the Lower East Side where the first wave of immigration was thriving. For middle school I attended Simon Baruch or M.S. 104 which was located on east 21st in Manhattan. Finally in high school I attended Brooklyn Technical High School which is in downtown Brooklyn. I speak Chinese at home with my parents and my other family members.

My Interests in NYC

Fashion is something that is very unique in New York where a different neighborhood or a different street may mean a different dress code and that is fascinating to me. Anywhere where there are places to shop, a Starbucks or a Duane Reade are my favorite places to go in NYC but these places are generally everywhere in our city.