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Welcome to Harlem! We all have our own associations with this famous, vibrant city and preconceived ideas about the community and the culture of this Mecca of the African American world. While many of us had never been to Harlem before, and others had visited often, we all undoubtedly learnt a tremendous amount about the exciting area. This site delves into many aspects about Harlem from its connectivity to all of New York City, to its fame in the production of arts and African pride. This site includes video performances, photos of legends, and videos of ourselves as we journeyed through the community and the creation of this website. We have made sure to deal with top landmarks and pertinent issues facing the community today. We have made sure to include our own opinions as well as the opinions of residents of Harlem. Our very own Diego Molano traveled all over Harlem to provide you the reader with top rate Harlem restaurant reviews and interviews with Harlemites. We strive to include historical facts mixed in with our own personal flair. Our hope is that you leave this site with a vast amount of newly discovered knowledge as well as a glimpse into the past, present, and ultimate future of this renowned neighborhood.



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