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Astoria is a neighborhood in Queens, New York, with a highly diverse population and rich history. Astoria has attracted immigrants since it was founded in the 1600s and it has become accessible through the Queensborough, Hell Gate, and Triborough Bridges, and the N and W trains. Real estate has become a thriving sector in Astoria because of the availability of cheap housing. The streets are testament to the cultural diversity present in Astoria. Delis, grocery stores, cafes, and restaurants sell foods and goods from Greece, Italy, Brazil, Ecuador, Thailand, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Pakistan, Israel, Argentina, Ireland, and Romania.[4] Let's begin our journey through Astoria!

Astoria's Borders

Historic Overview

Immigrants in Astoria

Housing in Astoria

Contemporary Profile

Creative Accent

Testimonials of Residents


Created by Devora Fein | Peopling of NYC | Professor Vesselinov | Spring 2009


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