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Astoria is a vibrant community whose demographics are constantly shifting. Every group of immigrants that has passed through this Queens neighborhood has changed it somehow. Originally a German village, Astoria population grew to include Irish, Italians, Greeks, Czechs, Brazilians, Bosnians, Egyptians, Tunisians, Yemenites, Moroccans, Albanians, Bangladeshis, Indians, Ecuadorians, Croatians, Tibetans, Pakistanis, and others. At first, people came to escape the high rents in Manhattan. Today, a combination of cheap rent, a sense of community, excellent cuisine, and cultural diversity attracts newcomers. Residents of Astoria love the neighborhood for all these reasons. There is not much need for improvement in Astoria; its diversity and history are part of what makes Astoria so unique. The real estate sector of the economy will continue to thrive as more people discover Astoria. The next time you are searching for a place in Queens to live, you should consider Astoria.

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