Reflecting on Service

Reflecting on your community service experience can help you gain an in-depth understanding of the value and impact of your work. Use the questions below to deepen your relationship with the community you serve, foster your sense of caring for others, and evaluate your newly acquired skills, knowledge, and perspectives.

While this is an optional exercise, we hope that reflecting will help you make the most of your community service experience. See below for different prompts to journal your experience participating in community service.

  • What do I know about the population I’m serving? What could I do to learn more?
  • How will my time meaningfully affect the organization (think beyond the immediate, and consider the ripples your actions have on the greater community, city, and beyond)?
  • When have I given selflessly in the past? What can I do to create similar conditions this time?
  • What does service mean to me?
  • What did you find surprising about the organization? What did you find surprising within yourself?
  • How has your definition of service changed? If it hasn’t, consider why that is.
  • Is there a particular moment (a conversation, an observation) that resonated with you? Try writing the scene out. Pay attention to the sounds, smells, colors that were present, as well as any feelings that arose. What is most apparent?
  • What skills do you think you’ve acquired during your service engagement?
  • How has this community service project impacted your desire to continue participating in community service opportunities after graduation?
You can answer any of the questions above.
Your advisor may be interested in hearing your reflections on service. Input your advisor's email below if you wish to share your reflection with them.