First Year Co-Curricular Experience

The First Year Co-Curricular Experience is a series of opportunities meant to build connections between new students and help students successfully transition into the Macaulay community. As students explore their new Macaulay identity, throughout these activities they will begin to express their own goals, values and interests, and be prepared for success in their lives after college.

Each student will have a Macaulay First Year Peer Mentor, that will lead their Macaulay Crew through orientation, as well as act as their community guide throughout their entire first year.

As students participate in co-curricular events, they increase self-efficacy, make friends, develop an enhanced understanding of others, become oriented to campus, advance critical thinking, improve their resilience and well-being and develop marketable skills to help after college*.


Take a look at these events and opportunities to build your First-Year Co-Curricular Experience:

Get to know each other, Macaulay’s community and values, and your academics. Day 1 of the 3-Day Orientation will be co-lead by Macaulay Peer Mentors.
New Student Orientation website

Get to know your new classmates and upperclassman. Co-hosted by the Macaulay Scholars Council.

After getting introduced to all of our student organizations at Orientation, check out some general interest meetings and events for groups you’re interested in Club Macaulay.

Go to Club Macaulay

Co-hosted by Macaulay Diversity Initiative. A special welcome reception for our diverse student population and opportunity to hear from current students and alumni.

A full-list for events curated by the Macaulay Peer Mentors click here

Macaulay Crew

Your Macaulay Crew is your own mini-intercampus community different from your campus cohort. Assigned at Macaulay Orientation along with an upperclassman that serves as a Peer Mentor, your Macaulay Crew is there to be a source of fun, support, and opportunity to network outside of your campus.

Orientation Leader & First Year Peer Mentor

A Macaulay Peer Mentor leads their group through the first day of Orientation. Beyond that, their role continues to guide students through their first academic year, organizing meet-ups and continuing to foster community within their cluster.

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